Interpreters are paid on a daily or half-day basis (per diems). These rates only refer to the interpreting service performed on the day of the event. Depending on the venue, additional costs may apply, such as a daily subsistence allowance, airfares and other travel expenses.
Daily and half-day rates can vary depending on the type of event, duration, technical expertise etc. Please note that the work of interpreters is particularly demanding and requires huge intellectual efforts. Therefore interpreters generally work in teams of 2 or 3 people and take turns of about thirty minutes.

Please contact me for a comprehensive and personalized offer.


The fee for translations is calculated on basis of the word price (source language). The price varies according to technical difficulty, document type (eg., Word or PDF document), deadline, and required language combination. For smaller translations, a flat rate can be arranged. For all translations into English, French, and Italian, I also offer proofreading services by a native speaker. Fees for transcription services are calculated according to the target text. Fees for film subtitling depend on the length of the film, difficulty and linguistic challenges.


The fees for proofreading services are calculated according to the work time and the difficulty of the source text. For a more detailed answer, please send me your documents via email and I will make you an offer without any obligation.